Stonwalk is a seamless and slip-resistant bonded natural aggregate grip system used primarily to surface outdoor areas and to repair and enhance exterior concrete damaged by salt attack.  Stonwalk achieves a natural, earthy appearance by scattering Canadian sourced marble aggregates into a solvent free, rapidly renewable resin based polyurethane binder which is then sealed with an extremely durable and completely UV Stable MMA seal coat.


  • Highly Decorative Outdoor Grip System
  • Natural Stone
  • Fast Turnaround MMA Option Available
  • Slip Resistant
  • UV Stable Finishes
  • Waterproof Base Layer
  • Heavy Duty Aggregate Option
  • Standard Duty Aggregate Option
  • Cost Effective Unsealed System for Large Areas


  • Outdoor Walkways
  • Building Entrances
  • Concrete Refurbishment
  • Outdoor Decks
  • Patios
  • External Seating Areas
  • Public Areas