LeakInject 509 Z Rubber Acryl

LeakInject 509 Z Rubber Acryl is a tough and elastic four-component, acrylate-based injection fluid with the initiator dissolved in a strengthening polymer blend.  The use of this strengthening polymer blend leads to excellent physical properties of the gel that is formed.


  • Injection sealing of cracks fissures and voids in concrete and masonry
  • Curtain injection (around tunnel segments, drainpipes, porous concrete structures, etc.)
  • Specifically formulated for treating leaks in tunnels including; failed expansion joints, fissures and cracks in concrete segments
  • Outstanding adhesion to mineral surfaces (concrete, brick) and expands in contact with water up to 290% of its original volume
  • Low viscosity allows deep penetration into fissures and cracks
  • Good general chemical resistance
  • Free from harmful solvents and non-flammable
  • Outstanding water retention capacity


  • Specifically designed for injecting structures in which waterproofing is critical to sucess, including areas of fluctuating groundwater levels, settling concrete, expansion joints, etc.
  • Typically used in tunnel construction