LeakInject Uni 6816 E

LeakInject Uni 6816 E is a low viscosity, single component MDI-based water reactive polyurethane injection resin.  It reacts with water forming a rigid hydrophobic seal.


  • LeakInject Unit 6816 E forms a hard, high strength seal in cracks or joints
  • Fast reacting rigid PU foam used as a water stop for the sealing of leaks or to stop active water leaks with a high flow and/or high hydrostatic pressure
  • Penetrates deep into fine cracks
  • Reacts with water and forms CO2 gas.  This gas produces a swelling pressure which causes the resin to expand and foam, sealing all water infiltration
  • Free expansion: 1700% - 2200%
  • Does not shrink after curing
  • Excellent adhesion to mineral construction materials (such as concrete, cement, brick), metal and certain plastics
  • The reaction speed can be controlled by varying the amount of catalyst
  • The LeakInject Uni 6816 E foam is chemically resistant against water, weak acids and alkalis, mineral oils, fungus and bacteria, ground water, sea water and petroleum products


  • Water sealing of cracks and joints
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Concrete Construction
  • Sewers
  • Tunnels
  • Buried Rail
  • Marine Structures
  • Any Buried Construction where Water Ingress is not Desirable